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STEP 1: Enter Your Wall Area
NorskTrack NorskWall
(Always round up to the next foot to allow for cutting)
NorskTrack is used for organizing your gear horizontally in a defined space. The Height is just under 12" high and comes in 48" lengths, so the determining factor is how much linear space you want to cover.

NorskWall is used to cover large surface areas both horizontally and vertically. Simply measure the amount of wall space needed to be covered and enter the dimensions into the NorskWall Designer - all materials needed are calculated automatically.

Slatwall and Accessories Overview

NorskWall Installation Guide

About the Norskwall Builder

At NORSK™, we are driven to do things differently. Our lines incorporate the latest technologies and feature high-quality materials at extremely competitive prices. The NORSKWALL™ SYSTEM is designed for either commercial or home use and is versatile enough for the garage, basement, laundry room or for commercial display use in a retail store environment. Made from Heavy Duty virgin cellular PVC plastic, this system is both strong and durable, engineered to handle loads in excess of most other manufacturers. NORSKWALL™ is an extremely innovative modular system. Use this program to figure out how much NORSKWALL™ and accessories can fit in your space.